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      • 銷售熱線:0519-88810603
      • 銷售熱線:0519-88805177
      • 銷售熱線:0519-88870619
      • 傳真真:0519-88815657
      • 電子郵箱:manager@czgg.com
      • 地址址:江蘇省常州市人民東路7號
      BW A500 氣冷機器人焊槍



      No.Order 描述OEM p/n

      RBZ0300.15BW A500 整槍1.15 米

      RBZ0301.12 BW A500 整槍1.2 米

      RBZ0302.13 BW A500 整槍1.3 米

      RBZ0303.14 BW A500 整槍1.45 米

      RBZ0304.16 BW A500 整槍1.6 米

      RBZ0305.21 BW A500 整槍2.15 米

      RBZ0306.31 BW A500 整槍3.15 米
      1RBZ0330 噴管 ?16 mm 145.0581
      2MBZ0533.01 M8×30×0.8 導電嘴, 鉻鋯銅140.0117

      RBZ0333.01 M8×30×0.9 導電嘴, 鉻鋯銅140.0217

      MBZ0533.02 M8×30×1.0 導電嘴, 鉻鋯銅140.0316

      MBZ0533.03 M8×30×1.2 導電嘴, 鉻鋯銅 140.0445

      RBZ0333.02 M8×30×1.4 導電嘴, 鉻鋯銅140.0536

      MBZ0733.01 M8×30×1.6 導電嘴, 鉻鋯銅140.0590
      3RBZ0335 導電嘴座142.0158.5
      4RBZ0343 彎管 22° 980.1013
      5RBZ0360.01 電纜組, 1.15 米980.1066

      RBZ0360.02 電纜組, 1.2 米980.1067

      RBZ0360.03 電纜組, 1.3 米980.1068

      RBZ0360.04 電纜組, 1.45 米980.1069

      RBZ0360.05 電纜組, 1.6 米980.1070

      RBZ0360.06 電纜組, 2.15 米980.1097

      RBZ0360.07 電纜組, 3.15 米980.1098
      6RBZ0180.03A 送絲軟管, 適用焊絲 ?0.8-1.2, 1.6 米124.0145

      RBZ0180.03D送絲軟管, 適用焊絲 ?0.8-1.2, 3.15 米124.0146

      BLACK WOLF is in no way affiliated with BINZEL. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine BINZEL parts, but are parts made for and by BLACK WOLF.

      References to BINZEL machines, torches,and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine BINZEL parts in place of BLACK WOLF parts.


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